During the first semester of my sophomore year, I took an AD21500 materials class at Purdue University. This process book visually communicated the process of my last project for the class. The book reveals the steps I take to make a finished lamp. I first start with finding inspiration and research. Then I create sketches and ideation based on my research. After I created paper mock-ups of the lamp designs I wanted to possibly create. In this project, the main focus was creating an interlocking design within a 16" X 16" acrylic board. All the interlocking pieces however had to be identical. In order to achieve this in an efficient and perfect finish, I choose to use the laser cutting method. In order to use the machine, I had to create my triangular interlocking piece on Rhino (CAD). Then I transferred the file to Adobe illustrate, where I created a certain amount of triangles in the set dimensions of the acrylic board. Then moved that file to the Job Control laser cutting program.