Personal Minhwa

Year: 2020

Medium: Table cloth and Acrylic paint

Size: 72" x24"

Additional details

In my Korean household I am surrounded by furniture with Korean landscapes; traditional art hangs on the walls. I was born here, far from Korea and have felt a need to connect with my heritage, so I painted a traditional landscape. I explored and depicted the elaborate beauty. This felt freeing to paint as I became immersed in my culture. I was led to Korean- style art out of curiosity and pride. This was painted on a large tablecloth, so I had to stand, using two easels. I hoped to capture the beauty and unique style of this art. I had to study to know what to include and why. I learned the art is based on the desire for happiness and longevity. Pairs of birds, deer, rabbits, butterflies, or bees symbolize a happy marriage. Korean art has simple flat bolded outlines, bright, deep colors, stylistic caricatures of animals, plants, mountains and always a rising red sun. I experience the landscape as heavenly, the depiction of an ideal place. This declining art style should be rekindled.