Year: 2020

Medium: Clay, Acrylic paint, Pastel, Resin, Tray, Cotton

Size: 9" x 7" x 3"

Additional details

This clay sculpture represents the harsh political, cultural, religious reality of assisted reproduction. Although the procedure has meant couples can have families, there are concerns. There are often left over fertilized eggs that remain in storage, orphans of high-tech reproduction, children frozen in time. Selective egg implantation which eliminates genetic disease which imperils infants, used by families in which parents are carriers of deleterious genes can become sex selection, elimination of minor differences that might make parenting harder, or a slippery slope to designer babies. This becomes a marketing of children, hence the bar code attached to the head. There are moral concerns, not protected by law. Children are unique, should not be customized, just because it is possible and profitable.