Skin to Skin

Year: 2020

Medium: Sausage casing, Red yarn, Mod podge

Size: 72" x 5" x 60"

Additional details

With the pandemic spreading and intensifying people are forced to be disconnected, so I want to create an art piece to represent relationships. I used a translucent material to make the piece appear more ghost-like. As technology develops, people are more immersed in social media, texting not talking; they are less connected when they are not in person, skin to skin, making eye contact. I believed the advancement of technology and social media has spoiled the importance of real face to face human interactions and relations. I used skin to make the piece feel more raw. The sausage casing was used to make translucent masks and have skin texture with elasticity, showing the pull of skin. The closest that people can be connected to each other is on a personal level like "skin to skin." It has been said that what separates humans from animals, what makes us human, is the expression of emotions and feelings, and that is slowly eroding with technology, fading away.