Year: 2020

Medium: Bristol paper, Pen, Electric wire, Fire

Size: 30" x 24"

Additional details

This piece represents the deterioration of the human body when facing man-made objects. The downfall of humanity is humans. When creating this art piece, I thought about Charles Darwin's beliefs, and the book R.U.R by Karel Capek. The book is based on the idea of how robots are developing to replace humans in the work environment in order to improve productivity and manufacturing efficiency. The main message the play tries to convey is the risks of “playing God”. It comes with lots of responsibilities, which often fall out of our hands as evolution carries out their own responsibilities. Humans created robots for the purpose of improving labor productivity and easier life; but in the end the robots took over by eliminating the human race. The robots argue their actions are not barbaric or evil but simply acting like humans. This ideology reminded me of Charles Darwin’s theory that humans are the only animals with the capability of war.