Year: 2021

Medium: Bristol paper and Soft color pastel.

Size: 18" x 24" (x2), 17" x 20"

Additional details

These are portraits of my mother and me. We both have stern, angry expressions. This is supposed to represent how our relationship has grown apart. These two drawings are part or a mosaic piece in which I combine both of these portraits by tracing, cutting, and gluing specific shades to create a mosaic, a new image, a picture of me and my mother hugging and sharing a mother and daughter bond. I wanted to fix the relationship between me and my mother, and I believe the only way for that to happen is through apology and forgiveness. The action of actually cutting out each shade from each drawing thereby destroying the drawings and combining them together piece by piece was “fixing” the piece physically. The new image of me and my mother both happy and hugging grew out of images from when we were both unhappy. Hugging represents a bond and positive relationship, and through finding a middle ground (apology and forgiveness) and by combining the pieces we are able to bond again.