Breaking Insecurities through Taekwondo 

Year: 2020

Medium: Taekwondo wooden breaking boards and Acrylic paint

Size: 36" x 24"

Additional details

This acrylic painting was painted on wooden Taekwondo breaking boards. While growing up I was insecure about my skin as I struggled with acne. However, through Taekwondo I was able to train myself to be more confident and break through my insecurities. When breaking the boards I physically used Taekwondo moves to break the wooden boards. I used a red tone in the face to accentuate the acne and red splotches marking my face. I tried to experiment how to use cool tone colors and shading to incorporate into my warm tone shades. The cool tone contrasts the warm tones “well”. I painted on nine boards, then brought them to my dojang, my Taekwondo school, in order to break my boards. I had limited control over where the boards broke, although I always aimed for the center of each of the nine boards.