Still life 

Year: 2020

Medium: Recycled packing paper and Charcoal

Size: 24" x 30"

Additional details
This still life is a study in perspective, lighting, texture, drawing on a torn out recycled packing paper. The contour of the paper determined what I drew: a rounded rip accommodated a rounded object. The arc continues around the object, a heating lamp, a complete circular movement. Accustomed to working with vertical edges, I adjusted my drawing to what was haphazard but an interesting challenge. One arcing purse handle falls into the scattered pills, a downward motion. I continued the circular movement and direction to the edge. I used the charcoal to its unique potential, using different assets, the densities and pressure, to create texture, perspective and energy. The textures of metal, woven fabric, leather, grooved rubber, smooth plastic gave me practice in drawing detail and shading. The orientation of the objects spilling across the page gives energy and tells a tale.