We see what want to see

Year: 2020

Medium: Canvas, Acrylic paint

Size: 50" x 30"

Additional details

This art represents pollution. I look into the river and see my reflection, not the remnants of human activity that float by. I am self- absorbed, seeing myself, lips pursed for a drink in contaminated, though seemingly pristine water, swirling around a clear image. I am the animal that comes to the river to refresh. The right painting shows what endangers the deer parching their thirst. What is convenient is thoughtlessly, discarded and now drifts by. Beneath is sunken debris, chemicals, sewerage. This was inspired by a mission trip to a village on a mercury- laden river that poisoned people, stopped their livelihoods and killed hope. There is a juxtaposition of what is aesthetically pleasing with what is ugly and should be upsetting. The message is to act. It is time to see what is there, even the unseen chemicals, obvious only in their effects. Stop admiring your own reflection, look up and see what you must address. The two paintings are needed for the message to be powerful.